Server monitoring

Are there any free programs for auto-restarting frozen servers on windows?
Currently using the batch script with no issues, but that doesn’t catch freezes…

Found this on, not sure if it’s completely working as it hasn’t been updated in 3 years, but the thread has been active since then until late last year

I also use HLSW, it’s a good monitor tool, but it’s more of a remote client for multiple servers you may manage, not a manager

Thanks, I’ll take a look. It looks like it’s for HL1, but will see if it works with srcds…

Yeah, I already use HLSW, even that is pretty outdated!
Really just looking for a server auto restarter I guess

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Well, that decided to close 3 running servers when I ran it :frowning: Servers were pretty much full as well… oops.