Server must have addons?

Hello there epic facepunchbros. What are must have addons for server? Like You know. I’ve got ULX Admin Mod installed

Depends on what server you have mate

Ah, right. It’s simple sandbox server. I added WireMod but I need addon that would block picking other players props

falco’s prop protection comes to mind

I’ll check this out. Thanks

You need to make sure you have as many addons as possible.

Just kidding. Only install things as you need them - a fast load time = more players.

I know, there will be like WireMod, Falco’s prop protection, ULX + 5-10 MB of fun addons I guess. And I want something that allows You to create PVP areas but that’s not necessary

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Anyway, 20 slots, 3000 RAM, 2 x 3.5GHz and 9 GB SSD is good?

You can just design PVP zones yourself using LUA.
Having more cores wouldn’t help as much since most lua and game logic runs on one core IIRC (please correct if I am wrong)

NADMOD prop protection is my goto-pp system for any server I’ve had. Very painless.

SProps also comes to mind