Server Name Changer - Probably an earthquake reporting system

A little thing I made in about a day, It’s really just an elaborate way to do the “hostname” console command.

Download: Steam Workshop Git

(Re) start the server to automatically generate the examples/default files.

To change parts about how the name gets shown, see garrysmod/data/snc/servernames_config.txt

To change what gets shown, see garrysmod/data/snc/servernames.txt

To get dynamic stuff to load, just put the name of the file (relative to garrysmod/data/snc/custom/) in the servernames.txt file, each line is searched for to see if it’s a file, if it’s not, the line is used, if it is, the file is loaded as Lua. For example, your servernames.txt might look like

You'll get this text occasionally too.

To look at how you can get custom, dynamic stuff to show, see /garrysmod/data/snc/custom/examples/
Examples include:
*Creating a timer(timer.txt)
*Timer since start of a TTT round(tttlua.txt)
*Popular jobs that are not occupied in DarkRP(darkrplua.txt)
*Showing large earthquakes in the last 24 hours(fromweb.txt)