server needed!!!

Hello! We want to make a serie with garrymod we have everything! Cameramans, actors, voice actors, story etc. etc. We just need a server where whe can film it! We just need 4 hours/week and there’re 168 hours in a week…so that’s almost nothing we would make a commerical in the videos for your server, (or even for a whole comminity if needed) so you will basically have more guests! all we want is that nobody, except us, who filming it can join on the server for that short period of time with a password…we can even split it up so like one day 2 hours and on another day for 2 hours again! PLS HELP US!

I got a garrysmod server.

I used it for development and testing purposes,

you can use it for free.

More informations:

  • the server is online 24/7
  • it has a password
  • I will add every mod, addon, and map you want
  • you can have temporary admin if you want
  • its a 12 slot server (66tick), I think that’s more than enough slots for your team.
  • There will be nobody on the server exept you and your crew (maybe me)

it’s called a listen server buddy, look into it. <3

OP needed a gmod server, I didn’t see gmod in the list of games they had.

OP owns Garrysmod

OP needed a free garrysmod server for a certain period of time.

oh and btw. doesen’t have garrysmod in their list of supported games.

Wow, Ima go complain.