Server needs to be upgraded not wiped...

I’ve played when there were 300+ people online with out any lag or problems, and now with only around 70 people it lags so much I can’t even place a sleeping bag. It’s not just me, so its the server. I love this game so I don’t want to complain and get banned but… The server has buildings and players, that’s about as much it needs to track and save. I do not know why it is struggling to comply with the player load, but something needs to be fixed. I know it’s the alpha but there are not enough players for it to struggle this much. I don’t want my house reset every 2 freaking days.

Thanks for reading my topic but for the love of god fix it.

Its not the player load thats causing lag its the buidlings players placed down.

That should be hardly a problem. It should be player side and save the coordinates on the server. So saving simple coordinates is causing lag?

Player side = Altering the building through use of hack tools

Minecraft’s servers used to save user profiles client side. TNT griefing was as easy as using Cheat Engine.

I understand your frustration but please remember this is an alpha test of a game, not a finished product. We are aware of the problem and know how to fix it but these things take time.

Good luck with fixing it, it will be great when it’s fixed.

Ths games in alpha, what do you expect? You don’t really have any authority in telling them what to fix and what not too. Im sure they like opinons, but if it was that easy to fix im sure they would have. Cant complain, even with the wipes, the bugs, and all the other crazy stuff this games still more fun then it should be.

I can relate to how the devs feel… I run a Garry’s Mod DarkRP Server and CONSTANTLY I get yelled at for not fixing something or not implementing something else.

People just need to realize that there’s only so much time in the day, only so many people working on it, and that the devs have lives just like you and me. You can’t expect them to be working on Rust 24/7.

I know that the devs are doing a fantastic job with the game and I trust them to continue making the game better for everyone, no matter how long that takes. So thank you devs for all of your hard work and dedication to this game! I know it will turn out great.

Thanks for all the hard work. The server has been very buggy lately. What was the difference from when the game first came out?

Thanks to all the guys at Facepunchstudios for the work they’re putting into it.

I don’t have any authority and I know that. It was a recommendation. I just got mad when my recording messed up from server caused ui issues and lag. After great deal of editing, its fine now.

I understand that this isn’t the best of solutions and probably is expensive but having even 2 different servers to connect to would help a lot. I do realize that in Alpha stage this won’t happen.

I wouldn’t like that, it might help but it could also be an internet issue. 2 servers would cut the average player count on the 1 server into 2, so there would only be 25-50 people online at a time. It would be best for the alpha for only one server because more people on the same server makes it easier to find and report bugs, glitches, and hackers.

The server is fine, the problem is running out of viewIds for new objects so then the server has to wait for some to be destroyed and this results in weird behaviour. As you may have noticed it takes about 48 hours for the players to use them all up. The culprit is the structures which are seriously unoptimized, our low level coder pat is working on a nice fix that will mitigate the problem. Beyond that, more things are going to be added like decay and maintenance so abandoned structures do not eat up server resources. I hope that outlines the issue well enough.

Thanks for the explanation!

The only things that ever should be clientside (or “playerside” as you call it) are inputs. Everything else should be serverside (buildings, what you can see, your speed based on input etc).

you can make it so if a bed is not connected to a structure it will dissapear in a day maybe ? or it will slowly get destroyed

RE: The Server, does anyone know the specs of the machine? I know the game is still in it’s early stages but curious since i’m a bit of a hardware whore.


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Possibly an implementation of a decay system?

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It should be a combination of both. The server needs to be able to handle the game but at the same time we need security.

You don’t need to know why it’s struggling to do particular things that have been acknowledged as a problem - you only need to report them. Citing a known issue as a grievance is missing the point of being a tester entirely. Further, questioning the veracity of the claims of performance issues from the developers themselves is completely obnoxious.

I understand that getting beyond these 48h wipes needs to happen to test aspects of the game when most people have completed their construction projects, but right now that’s not viable because the existing issues would interfere.