Server no longer sending vehicle scripts?

It seems like after a particular update, my Garry’s Mod server no longer sends out vehicle scripts to clients.

I used to be able to throw in the Sicknessmodels cars into my server’s addons folder, and have the clients download them from my server when they join. That no longer seems to be the case, as I’m experiencing the same issue now with a different vehicles pack, the MasterChris vehicles pack.

I’ve tried making a recursive LUA function that adds all of the vehicle script files (in /scripts/vehicles), and despite my client downloading them, I still do not see them in my spawn menu. I’m running server version 120, with the latest SVN of the car packs. I am running no other addons at the moment.

If anyone could help, that would be great.

Spawn menu? You mean the spawn lists, right? The stuff you’re sending them is what configures the cars to be driveable - not what tells them to show up in Q.

I’m not so sure about that. According to the only file in the settings/spawnlist directory, it should be showing the models included with this pack, as one would guess, in the spawnlists (although it’s not doing that either). Sorry I wasn’t really specific though; I should have said “vehicles tab in the spawnmenu”.

After looking further into the included files with this pack, I agree with you though. It looks like Sgt. Sgt. uses an LUA method of list.Set() to insert the vehicles into the vehicles menu. I’ll have to dive in further to find out why that isn’t working.

Edited: Looks like the problem persists even after installing, in particular, the Sicknessmodels on my client. The vehicles just won’t show up in the vehicle spawn menu. Could this be in part due to the gmod breakage of the sound scripts breakage? I hear that you have to copy the files from /scripts/sounds into your garrysmod folder if they don’t initially work in an addon.