Server not changing maps

I’ve recently noticed a bug with my server. Every time I want to add a new map, the server deletes it and doesn’t switch to my map. Here is a picture of my /maps/ directory.
And no, there is no capitals. But the map im trying to add is the downtown map.
Thanks in advance.

You want to add a map, so it deltes it, then switches to it?

It doesent switch to it at all, it just doesent do anything.
And yes, it deletes the map before i change it.
Keep in mind, i am adding it when the server is turned off.

Ok walk me through it dude.
You add the map, you start up the server. Is the map in the directory or not?
You change map. Is the map in the directory or not?
What console errors are you getting?
How are you changing maps?

1: I add the map. Yes its in the map directory.
2: Same Question…
3: Its saying that it deletes map before i switch to it.
4: Ulx as I said before (Also tried console)