Server not creating crash dumps.

So I’ve been trying to figure out the cause of a few recent crashes. Unfortunately I have no idea whats causing them, and I can’t find a way to figure what is its that is the cause. No crash dumps are being created (in-fact none have been created on any of my servers since mid December). Is there a command line parameter I can add to force the server to create crash dumps?

I believe you need to have -debug and -condebug in your startup commands

Doesn’t -debug only create debug.log and -condebug only creates console.log? I am having the same problem TheEmp is having and it makes things very difficult. I told my host and all they said was “not every crash will create a dump”. I have had many many many crashes and not one has ever created a mini dump.

Are you on linux or windows?
-debug does indeed create the debug.log, which includes stack traces of crashes.

Im running on windows. Ill have to tell the host to add -debug to the command line. My server ALWAYS crashes in the morning or hangs after any event like start of round, changing ulx group permissions, player joining, or dying. Pretty much everything. Then when the map changes if it doesnt crash, it will hang at server changing level for about 2 minutes then finally it starts downloading the map. I have very few addons. I have tried using mysql for every addon that supports it and i have completely wiped the server but it still happens. The only thing i have not tried is moving to a different node. Ill try to get some more info later and probably make a new thread i feel like im hijacking this one.

I’m on windows, I’ve added the -debug parm but still no crash dumps. Its impossible for me to figure out what is causing the crashes without any sort of info at all what is causing them… :cry:

You wouldn’t get any useful info from a Windows crash dump anyways.