Server not downloading maps! HELP!

Hi, I have a gmod server and when players try to join they always have the error: missing maps (name of map)

Heres my config:

sv_downloadurl “(myurl)”
sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1
cl_downloadfilter all
download_debug 0
net_maxfilesize 64

Hopefully someone can help!

Hmm everything seems to be alright. I’ve never bothered adding the cl_downloadfilter or download_debug. Are your maps uploaded to your fastdl site as a .bz2? (Bzip2).

Set sv_allowdownload and upload to 0. Post your link.

I set them to 0 and it still doesnt work…? I don’t know why!

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Yes they are set as .bz2

What are you using as your FastDL host? A webhost or your gsp’s fastdl service?

My server hosts

Are you sure you have the sv_downloadurl set correctly?


Give us your url

People can easily retrieve your URL by typing sv_downloadurl in the console while on your server. There’s no need to keep it secret, it won’t ever be.

I’m pretty sure I found the problem…
I had a deathrun server and switched gamemodes and I deleted all the deathrun maps and uploaded bunny hop maps, but I looked in my fastdl and realised they were all deathrun maps and there were no maps I uploaded