Server not listing with other servers with same Gamemode?

Hey Guys, just in need of a little help with getting my Jailbreak server to list with the other Jailbreak Servers.

Below is a list of Jailbreak servers on Garry’s Mod. (at the top of the list in the Legacy Browser) is my server, however it contains a tag of “gm:jailbreak_chessnut” instead of the tag “gm:jailbreak” that all the other Jailbreak server seem to have.

This results in the Jailbreak Server being listed here:

Instead of here:

Here is the jailbreak.txt file located in /garrysmod/gamemodes/jailbreak/:

"Jail Break"
    "base"        "base"
    "title"        "Jail Break"
    "maps"        "^jb_"
    "menusystem"    "1"


Any help would be appreciated!

Cheers, Shubbler.