Server: Not loading Addons

Hey guys,

at first, I don’t know if I’m right in this section if not sorry!

I’m setting up my Server but I’m having the problem that the Server is not loading some of the Addons. - It does load some, but not all. They worked fine 1 month ago on a other Server.

Pointshop is working, Defibrillator is working, TTT Jihad Bomb is working.
But the TTT Cannibalism and TTT Death Station are not working.

I just draged the folders in Addons.

I also tried to make a addon by my own, but the Server was not loading it. I copied it to the main lua/autorun and it worked great.

What could be wrong?


They could possibly be outdated.

Are you using Linux? If so change all the add-on folder names to lower-case, or Linux will not find them. Eg My_Addon to my_addon

Yea, the Server is running on Linux.

I’ll try that out, thanks.

Are Spaces allowed?

Yes, always good to remember that everything in linux is case-sensitive. If you look in the console, it will say something like:

Adding Filesystem Addon ‘/home/XXX/XXX/addons/my addon’ however if your addon is named My Addon it won’t find it.

Alright, thanks so far.

But they don’t seem to be loaded. I don’t see e.g. the Cannibalism in my Traitor Shop. I renamed it to ttt_cannibalism. The Console is saying nothing about my Addons at all. (changed them all to lower)

Does that mean that the Addon is broken?


Nevermind! Had to restart my Server, lol.

Thank you!

No problem, glad it’s all working now :slight_smile: As I said with all add-ons always lower-case the folder name. This includes ones bought of Coderhire etc as a lot of Coderhire add-ons use upper-cases in their names as most use Windows.