Server not public anymore?

I had a home-run server that worked perfectly for some time. Self-updating, minge-free server and all.
It worked perfectly up to recently when I had to re-start the internet connection for the house. Now no-one can join other then me. - Any ideas? LAN is set to 0 if you were going to ask.

IP’s can change, Make sure you aren’t giving them the old ip.
Look on

That is defiantly not the problem. I always give them my newest IP since I go to the site every time someone asks - secondly they normally join through the ‘servers’ menu.

Erm, im guessing you use a router, your local ip would have changed (Router’s assign all pc’s a local ip), so you need to unblock your ports on that new local ip, as the router changes your ip. That’s all assuming you unblocked your port through your router.

If that’s not the case, then check what ip it’s running from, and also check your local server’s config, if the map is not set correctly to start up from, or theres some errors in your server.cfg, it could cause the server not to load either properly, or not at all, things can conflict.

The problem is I have quite a different setup. I have fiber optics running a central control thing (Not a router, modem or anything) - technically I don’t have a router.

Server.cfg is fine. Everything should be working and fine.

I say give it some time ( a day ), or reset it again.

That’s worked before, however only with the NAT on my xbox. I’ll give it a shot.

try reinstalling your server setup

I’m going to give you a bunch of links. I want you to try them all until you get to a Port Forwarding screen, then make sure that it’s in order with your computer’s IP n shit.

God damnit, none worked.
I also re-installed everything on the server. I’m out of ideas…