Server Not Responding / Crashes

Can’t host a server for people to join and I can’t join other peoples’ servers. I saw on the Steam forums the only two for-sure fixes were port forwarding, and/or using Hamachi. I do not want to do either of those methods, for I have had my network hacked through ports before, and I shouldn’t have to rely on another third-party client in order to host games. Hamachi is also been causing problems on my computer in the past.

My game also freezes anywhere up to five minutes every time I load it up or try to make my own game just to mess around in.

Any fixes for either of these?

The only possible way for you to host a server, or for (what I’m assuming are) your friends to host a server is for the server host to port forward, or have some other kind of direct connection.

If you can’t connect to ANY servers, public ones included, then that’s a different problem.