Server Not Responding Need Help

My gmod srcds server says server not reonding when people try to join i can join but others cant i portforwarded nd everythong but still no use. Is it because i have gmod on the same pc? All help apreciated.

Can you post a server startup log? Also, make sure you have 27000-27030 portforwarded on TCP and UDP

Ok but are 27000-27030 specifcly required?

If you are playing AND hosting it at the same time, then most likely yes. If you want to play and host, then make a listen server instead. This can be done by going to start new game, selecting I map and change “Single player” to how many slots you wish.

Ok so should i put the server on my other pc?

No. You can do both if you forward the ports I told you

Bump.I forwarded the ports u told me and it still says it’s not responding. Any fix and do u want me to show I the ports page? Also how do I get a startup log?