"Server not responding" when a friend joins my server, and not a single fix on the internet helps

yes, i forwarded ALL the ports
yes, ive done “sv_lan 0” and “heartbeat”
yes, ive had my friend connect to my external ip from the console
yes, i have my server set for 2 players

NONE worked. I dont see what else I could do.

EDIT: ONE person joined the server i was hosting yesterday. I got in contact with him today, and he said he found it in the master server list, and joined w/o errors.


Ok, just to end the silence. What happened is that what ever your using to host your server “SRCDS, FTP, ect, ect.” already was running then you started again which means that the port you set for the server. (Most likely 20014-20015 something like that.) Soo really you should stop all running executables with SRCDS or what ever your using to host the server. I hope I helped!

Your internal IP address may have changed. Type “cmd” in start menu, then type “ipconfig” in command prompt. Then, open your router settings and check your port forward. If the “IPV4” address in command prompt is different than the one in the port forward, that’s the problem. Hope I helped!