Server Not Responding When Viewing Through Players

I’m running a TTT server, and I don’t know if this even has anything to do with how I set it up, or maybe its just a steam thing.

Whenever someone views the player’s game info, it says server not responding.
However, whenever you view it through the steam server browser, it works fine.

You can see it here:
Left is through steam, right is viewing it through me.

It appears to be only happening to my server, so probably not a steam thing. Any help would be much appreciated.

Their 2 different IPs.

I just came back to edit after I realized that. Any reason why it might do that? Would that be a problem on my end or the host end?

Edit: The steam one is the server ip, the friends one is the ftp ip for some reason. The host doesn’t know how to fix it. Any insight would be great.