Server Not Responding

So I have this problem where whenever I attempt to join any server my friends are on, it says Server Not Responding. It also doesnt show up in the server list. I have tried reinstalling my game, verifying the game cache and much more. I can just hope for help. I also know its not a connection problem because I have two houses and both of them don’t work (also two different internet providers).

Same computer with the game downloaded on it?

Most Likely they haven’t port forwarded the server. Usually this problem occurs when the server is being hosted on the Wireless LAN Network. The router that your friends are using has a built in firewall that prevents other machines not connected to that router via LAN from accessing the router or any other machines connected to it. The server is likely being run on your friends actual computer, and they haven’t port forwarded the application through the router. Port forwarding allows that specific program to pass through the router firewall and send/receive information via the internet. In order to portforward you must go to your router settings and search for a portforwarding wizard or something of the sort, depending on your router. You can access your router settings usually by typing in your router IP in your browser. Usually the Subnet Mask is So you should probably use that.

@crIT No two different computers
@ assorted Nugg I am attempting to connect to dedicated servers.


Can I please get some help with this?