Server not responding?

yeah, i know you’re all probably thinking “OMFG another noob doesn’t know how to portforward”. But you’re wrong. i’ve done all the portforwarding stuff, and sv_lan 0 and heartbeat, and connect [ip here], yet still no one can join my server, except with hamachi. I think it could be because i have a WRT54G linksys router, is there any fix?

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It wouldn’t be your router, I used to host with that kind of router all the time.

That exact model, even.

Is your IP-Adress If so, you have NAT on and you eighter have to disable it, or tell your clients to write this to console “connect <iphere>”, you can get your IP from
Tell me if you need further help.

i said i told him to “connect ..*.**” and i have no idea what’s wrong…

What’s NAT? how do i change it? i scoured through the router settings and couldn’t find anything about it. btw, it’s a WRT54GS if that has any signifigance.