Server not show on server page: Blacklisted?

As of this morning my server hasn’t been showing up on the server page and im scratching my head as to why… my worry is that it has been falsely blacklisted
here are some details
Server was working last night, next morning server no longer listed. server had not been restarted in between those times.
Server IP:
Ports forwarded on router are 30002 (game port), 30003 (query port), 30004 (rcon port)
I am able to connect to the server using client.connect
I am able to connect remotely using a rcon client such as Rusty
I have tried renaming the server
I have tried a fresh install of steamCMD and the rust files

here is the batch file, as of right now it is not setting up rcon to run.

RustDedicated.exe -batchmode +server.hostname “Aus/NZ The Love Dungeon” +server.port 30002 +server.identity “LoveDmain3” +server.seed 9001 -load +server.maxplayers 501 false -autoupdate

I’m looking for any ideas, and if a dev could let me know if its been blacklisted or not that would be great.

Try taking false out and see if that makes any difference.

I don’t think it should, but there might be something to filter out EAC-insecure servers, or a bug that’s doing the same thing.

Link to my post on the Help & Support subforum

yes confirming that we tried that and it didn’t help. Seems that a lot more people have been affected by whatever this is. I think next steps for him to confirm blacklisting or not will be to move the server to another IP and see what happens.

That has solved the problem for one person, at least.

Well, also have one IP which is blacklisted, some weird, that server had around 5 guys average.

As Gary said, the game servers hosters need to be worried. Because if they have a server (multiple server) from 1 ip that is using a fake population, he will blacklist first the server ip:port, then server ip. And never unblacklist the ip.
So basically if game servers hosters don’t watch for fake population client hosters they will loose IPs by IPs. it’s remotelly easy to check if a server is fake or not, they just need to find a way to implement an auto check.

And then tell me ? how to check fake pop ?

the problem is that servers seem to be falsely blacklisted.

i did it on
Basically you do a standard query on the server to get what informations the server is telling (modded, population, max players, etc), this one is the informations you see from the ingame rust server list
Then you make an A2S protocol server query, much more secure, as it’s encrypted, so harder to fake. Then you just compare both populations, if they don’t match, it means that the server is faking the population.
A2S Protocol is the same protocol as gametracker uses for example.

Well, every server has 0 players online, seemed to be a false blacklist for me. Even is there a way to make “fake population” with no access to upload .dll files and only edit your oxide plugins ? + Upload them ?

hmmm got your server in my history: Aus/Brisbane #1 The Love dungeon - Experimental - Legit Aus/NZ The Love Dungeon - Experimental - Legit
For my plugins both servers were legit.
But indeed are marked as currently down.

I cant find my server on serverlist too.

When i search on for IP i dont see any fake servers.

Why is the server blocked? My hoster is Multiplay.


Cant open the console with F1… wtf

You can try to do that SirEb, but you will get your server detected like the ones that edit the .dll . So i guess there is no point in doing that or you would get blacklisted also.

Thanks for taking the time too looking into it.
iv had the server off for the last 3 hours, no point having it on if people cant see it displayed.
i just turned it back on.

also to just add details on why the port changed, that was when the ddos attacks were happening.

if you put: you will see multiple servers, and no i have no fake servers with that ip in my database.

i searched in your server list, all servers nearly empty, but there is only one other server, which seems to be in a reboot loop, normal query says no connection, rust says no connection with client.connect either, but your list says 3 players online.

Hostname: [DE/EU] Rust Server Beginnerfreundlich Aktive Admins

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you misunderstood me, i said is that fake population caused by plugins, or caused by .dll files uploaded to the server, so if i would restrict dll upload there would be no way for new fake pop servers.

last ping of the server was 38mins ago.
my plugins ping servers every 30mins
so it’s likely that the server is down :wink:

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to be honest i have no idea. On legacy fake populations were make be direct editing of .dll, as no checks were made on server start.
Now on Experimental, if you edit your .dll it will be detected and server will not be shown in the main list.
But there are always other ways to fake it, i guess with oxide it could be possible, but again, doing so will get your server blacklisted.
As you can see on, there are no detected fake servers anymore for the Experimental branch :wink:

Guys you can open the console with F1? Dont work for me…

its frustrating thats for sure.
Between the ddos attacks, users being pissed off at me because their doors dont work after a restart and now the server not showing up… its a pain to say the least.

Im mainly just guessing that the server has been black listed because i cant think of anything else it could be. I should be able to change the IP address tomorrow but if that does fix it then ill be more worried about this happening again.

Try changing the server name.
As for the doors we made à fix for that on oxide.