Server not showing in Server List

Hi !

I have my server at

The server isnt shown in the public game server list. Anyone else experience this ?

Multiplay just tells me to change servername -> no effect, then they tell me to whitelist a SteamGroup -> i want a public server not a whitelisted one, and last they mentioned to move my server to another IP/PORT -> i dont want this, cause we already have a big community on server.

Did anyone experience this too, anyone got a solution ?

did you already try f1 net.connect you’re ip

otherwise go to your Steam folder and see if in there is a map folder called appcache Delete that one
this wont take any effect to your steam or games (damages and stuff) its just to reset your cache of servers etc to make it clean to search everything again
try that and hope it works for you :slight_smile:


thanks for your answer Mobster !

yeah i know the F1 net.connect - its not like i cant connect w/o seeing the server in the list.

The server isnt showing at all; we are looking for players, we all know its hard to find em with this massive overload of servers. ANd i wondered y we never have new players. so i checked if i can find the server in the list. Noone can find -> no new players.

If you cant connect through console, try to verify that the server is running. May be a host problem

i can connect, server is online, but its never showing in the serverlist !

Have you checked under community(Vanilla) and modded?

yes both ! and it doenst matter if i change from modded to Vanilla.

i saw the server 1 time today, and i think i refreshed like 50 times.

Maybe youre just not looking at the correct pages or such? I forget what filtering options rust server list has but maybe try setting it to alphabetical and change the server name to aaaa or such? If youve seen it once without the server having a problem then it should be in the list
Also: is does matter if you are in community or modded list. Vanilla servers wont show in modded and modded ( servers running rust++, oxide and such) wont show in community

If you are a server host with Multiplay , they update Steam automatically. However, your mods are not automatically updated completely. SO you could have Mod issues. Try uninstalling all your Mods and run the server plain Jane. See if your server pops up. Then slowly add new Mods. Always save and apply to restart the server. Hope this helps.
Edit: One other thing to watch is your profile. If you have one saved you could be loading the old version of Oxide. Try creating a new profile with the updated Oxide install.

thanks i will try this !

meanwhile i think its a steam problem.

when i refresh server list, 1 time i get 1000+ servers, 1 time 600+ servers, 1 time 30 servers . . ., yeah i am wating till end of “search-run”

1 time 2 official servers, 1time 4 official servers, 1 time 0 official servers…

Make sure you are not in Dev mode. Right click rust game in library , go to properties, click Beta tab, Unclick dev mode. If all that does not work try uninstall and reinstall steam.