Server not showing in the server browser


Can anyone tell me, why my server isn’t showing up in the server browser anymore?
It worked before the last update was done.
I am also able to connect to the server via Console/IP (connect

I’ve read about special characters in the server name.
Well the only “special characters” are brackets (), they worked before. I removed them and restarted the server, without success.

The server’s not blacklisted; however, the server browser currently only displays 200 results due to problems with the browser when it’s uncapped and displays all ~2000 servers in the modded tab (never mind unmodded servers), so it’s probably not showing within those 200.

Also make sure that your server has ports 28015 and 28016 forwarded. I know you said it’s been working in the past, but maybe something weird changed with the server hosting.

any idea, when this will be solved?
because no one will enter the console command + ip manually.