Server not showing up on server's list

Hello! I recently made a gmod dedicated server and it’s working well.

The thing is, the server doesn’t show up under “internet” tab. All my friends and the people who have it under favorites can enter just fine but I can’t get random people to join because of this.

I use a router and the ports are forwaded. When I unplug the router and connect directly from the modem the severs shows up just fine.

Does steam hate routers or something? Is it anyway around it?

Thank you!

Do you have a modem>router>computer connection?
or i think its router>router>computer, depends…

EDIT: nvm didn’t read it right, port forward on your modem also.

Never heard of modem port forwarding.

Do you have any idea how? according to google, modems don’t need forwarding.

thanks for the help!

This may help you, assuming your modem is part router, modem/router>router>computer

You can also port forward using utorrent what is a lot easier.