Server not showing up!

Hey guys, I just started a server, but there’s one problem: It’s not showing up on the internet. I quadruple checked the sv_lan setting, it’s zero. I opened the correct ports, and made sure the server is using them. Still nothing. My other two servers show up just fine, but not this one. They are all using different ports.

What am I doing wrong?

Put your PC in a DMZ.
If it still doesnt show up, then its not your firewall, its something in your config or something youre doing wrong.

What’s a DMZ? Do you mean a de-militarized zone?

Yeah, he does.

Yes, it puts your PC outside of the firewall of your router, so that its open to the internet and nothing is blocking it.

How do I do that?

You need to set your PC to stop getting its IP from a DHCP server, you can do it in windows by looking for the network adapter settings, then set the IP to what it is at the moment, use ipconfig /all to see what the current settings are. then go on your routers web interface, and look for firewall or DMZ settings, then set the DMZ as the IP you gave your PC.

ok, thanks