Server not starting up correctly due to 'illegal thread'

So trying to startup servers, every time they start, one particular server is erroring out completly and loop restarting.
first error i found was this

After that i found a new error

then when i look at the box im running it on this was there:

i cannot figure any of this out, so having to resort to a reinstall after i copy over all the data files.
But any ideas on what could fix this anyhow?

Sounds like you need a reinstall. Copy your data over and treat yourself to a fresh install.

fresh install, again. only server that makes that error.

Windows or linux server?

Windows, cause have always had issues with tcadmin on linux

Assuming there is no software interfering with SRCDS, and you correctly reinstalled the server, A fresh windows reinstallation may be in order.

No need to reinstall windows… its a internal issue nothing to do with windows.
Due to others servers working correctly and just not that one (says srcds runs as a overall program fine)
narrowed it down to something inside either the cfg or lua folders.
just need to find out what.

Well, you could delete both the cfg and lua folders after backing up working valuable stuff and do an app_update…
Also, may I ask what webpanel you are using?

eh, switched to linux. got sick of windows errrors.
using tcadmin2