Server not working

how to fix this error for a bhop server: You aren’t using the right SQLite tables. Be sure to use the correct files from the /Database folder in the release! or use the preset sv.db

Please help me

I meant to say, how do you fix this in my bhop gamemode?

Without any more information all we can tell you is that the names of the tables you are using from the database are invalid. You could maybe delete sv.db and hope it creates the tables automatically but it probably won’t and you would loose some data in the process.

Do you have phpMyAdmin installed on your server? We need more information before we can help you.

I do not have phpMyAdmin installed

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Ok so When I join it says, the server can’t load essential data! If you can, contact an admin to make him identify the issue: Missing SQlite tables <gmod_admins and gmod_bans> on no MySQL setup! <use the correct sv.db or SQL queries>>

Did you get any .sql, or a .db file with your gamemode?

Also, do you have webhosting, or somewhere with a SQL database?

I don’t what you’re saying so I don’t know what to say jonjon, sorry.

If you don’t know what he’s saying then we can’t help you.

When you got your server files, the gamemode that you host, did it have any .sql files. So install.sql, run.sql, something like that?

Or, with the files, did you get a sv.db file?

EDIT: My bad, guess not being able to understand comes with me being about to collapse from tiredness as I typed the response eh?

I will reply tomorrow I am too tired.

I do have a sv.db file and I’m trying to think where the .sql files ext. would be.