Server OFF?

Why my server has been shutdown ??

Server: [BR] Brasil Oficial Server.

Need Help !! =X


You’ve given zero information

Who hosts it you or another? If another then they should be asked, if you then are your ports open? What’s the IP? Any other information?

if you’re doing the hosting… is your router working all properly and all good? Do you use a secondary computer for your hosting?

If you’re having someone else host… can you look up reviews to their site through (as an example, “Web of Trust”)?

Have you had a DDos attack?

Server Providers: NY, New York

I am a server admin for that server. It is down due to unknown reasons I am in contact with who hosts it they are looking into it now. I will have it up and running again soon. Sorry guys!

Okay =), thank you for the support :dance:

Here is a link that explains it better and will update as soon as it is back up and running.

"Dear Community,

Please not that one of our NY Nodes is being DDOS’d Customers with IP: in their game will see status unknown in their game panel.

We’re working on it and don’t have an ETA at this time.