Server on the new rust

Hello and thanks for reading.

I’m having problems after restarting the server, everyone dies lol. Now I understand updates are being done daily so I’m stabbing in the dark to find the reason. I set the seed thinking this would resolve the issue but I’m still losing all the server data/players houses and spawn points. Is everyone having this problem or can you advise me how to fix this ie. server commandline or setting that may need set.

I run a server on Nitrous Networks.

Thanks again.

Does your server have


in its launch command? If not, that’s why, you’re not telling it to load the data being saved by the server, and then on startup it overwrites the data.

Fantastic! Thanks for the help :slight_smile: Now I can build ^^

Ok have another problem. I’ve added the -load

The server stops when clicking start, cpu usage starts at 12% then down to zero and it’s not showing in the steam lobby :frowning: Can you see any problems with the way this commandline is setup?

-batchmode -load +server.port ****** +rcon.port ****** +server.maxplayers 50 +server.hostname “test server” +rcon.password “******” +server.identity “server1” +server.seed 1001001