Server optimization

Hi. Currently I’m running a GMod server with 60 slots, and when playercount is greater than 50, the server starts to lag- badly… Before explaining the steps I took to attempt optimization, here are the specs of the machine:

  • Intel C2D E6400 @ 2.13 GHz
  • Windows 2003
  • Full duplex 100 mbps connection

At the point where it fills up with more than 50 players, SRCDS.exe uses 45-50% CPU (no more than 50%) and about 120 MB of memory. Memory usage is fine, I think. The first thing I did, I set the CPU priority to Above Normal, and then High. It improved slightly, but still no significant difference. Affinity is set to both cores.

The server’s tickrate is set to 66, with sv_maxrate set to 20000, sv_maxupdaterate 66, sv_minupdaterate 0. Maximum fps is set to 600, but when there are 50 players or so, it gets locked at 10 FPS. Obviously, it really slow at this point, and everyone’s at <100 MS ping.

I was wondering if anyone could give suggestions on how to improve server performance, or correct these settings if they are wrong. I’m just going to clean up the addons folder now- but there’s not much in there to begin with. Thanks in advance.

Lower the tickrate, max/min update/cmd rate and anything else that has 66 in it to 33.

Ok I’ll try that out, and by the way, do you remember a guy called Monkey?

Srcds isn’t multithreaded, using 50% on a C2D means it’s using as much as it can.

SRCDS is multi-threaded. It just barely scratches anything other then the first core.


Thread 1: Server itself
Thread 2: Network handling.

That’s why SCRDS will occasionally show 115% CPU usage in “stats”