Server owner hackers beware

Hey facepunch. I own a rp server and I have been under attack from the server owners of byteRP their owners whale tits and dark have been ddosing players and crashing servers here’s what they have said in chat

(OOC) dark: whoever crashes civilgamers gets a promotion
Whale-Tits: u cant cuz ur not gonna have internet

here are their steam accounts ddoser owner other owner superadmin

The other owner whale tits i think has ddosed my friend I think they got the IP from when they joined the server and they have also messed up my friends game his all the binds have reset.

The server is terrible the admins propsurf 2 people and also prop killing and aim bot even one of the owners trying to get people to download hacks which I suspect are either scams or traps.

One of them joined my server and stole my addons I’m very worried since I have paid addons they said they are going to use them on their own server I don’t want to get marked as a leaked by script fodder hence why I’m remaining anonymous

is there anyone I can do to stop these hackers they have sent other people to crash my server and harass my staff members idk what to do I just need some help we did nothing to deserve this they are big trolls/minges they say in OOC publicly that they hack servers and ddosing people can we do anything about it??

your server is shit and there isnt any rp no guns and making sure people joining because all your queer friends are joining so fuck you and go fuck yourself

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They cannot download serverside files, so if you have any custom addons be sure to make as much of the code as serverside code and not clientside or shared, as for these people I don’t recommend ddosing them cos that’s pretty much faggoty. Good luck dealing with these guys!

From Ventz (love from civil gamers)

Unfortunately, most popular gmod servers get DDoSed eventually. Just give it some time attackers usually aren’t persistent.

Also you might want to look into protected server hosts like NFO Servers.

Good luck!

I am sorry to inform you of this but,
This is not real.
If you do not believe me and want a more thorough chat, contact me on steam @ :

My reasons behind this:
I would not say I’m close friends with dark but we used to be.
Whale tits HAS ddosed people before, but doesn’t do it often and only under the account of a person called “ultra” (he’s an arsehole)
Dark is a humble person who does not like fights but is constantly “In a war with the rpers”
He does propkill, and he does crash but only on server raids using tools I won’t express.
Dark will be a likely candidate but since you put

I refuse to believe you. You said “other owner” which means he hasn’t done much except likely say that quote you put.
As for that quote, Dark does server raids at around 7PM GMT +00:00. This is for the benefit of his unspectacular “Propkill Mafia” or “Propkill Army”. He takes this seriously
As for Yunie, He does hate RPers with a passion. He could go close to despising them. Mainly because of how “tardy” they are.

These are my reasons for why you are wrong, and again if you wish to talk to me, my link is at the top of the post.

For the record, Serverwatch was in fact just permabanned from here for replacing all his old threads with browser-crashing spam. We are more familiar with him than any of us ever wished, here.

darkcide isn’t humble, WhaleTits frequently ddoses people.
And your obviously one of darkcide’s little followers that just signed up because dark instructed you to.
Dont lie on his behalf. You are just digging yourself a whole.

If dark falls, he wont let anybody else of his ship.
(Meaning, if he gets destroyed. You all will to.)

I actually dislike dark. I did register to reply to this post, but not on his behalf.
I can show you recent conversation. Dark tried to apologise to me
dark: hey jynxx
dark: im sorry for what ive done before
dark: and im going to make it up to you

In some respect, I agree with what you are doing. I see both sides, the Roleplayers & the “Propkill Mafia”
In a large amount, I highly dislike this mafia and yes, I am a propkiller. I do not choose sides. I don’t dislike the people like Weegee. (I’ve had encounters with scraatch, but that’s simply back in Kran’s EU Propkill)
So, in your frase

I won’t be destroyed along with dark if he does be. And to be perfectly honest, Dark sometimes will lick ultra’s bumhole

darkcide is playing you.
If you didn’t like him you would clearly accept the truth.


I actuall was wrong about whaletits, and a friend has informed me of that.
Sorry for being wrong on that account

As for Dark, he isn’t. I dislike him and tbh, he does make things worse for himself. Sometimes I do end up being very hateful towards him and his tardy PropkillMafia

Bit of a bunch of idiots really.

Accept what truth? Whale I was wrong about but other than that, dark’s pretty useless except for crashing servers. That’s not much

A tip for future reference : If someone is annoying (DDoSing) you, and you ignore them and let them play their little game, they get bored and quit. It you give them attention ( FacePunch arguing or DDoSing them back ) it just adds gas to the fire.

Whale tits has always been an issue within the Garry’s Mod community, just wait for him to give up.

Yeah, as James said, he thinks he’s big shit by boasting about his Botnet etc and attacking random people for shitty reasons. Just let it go by, he won’t keep it up long.

youre a dark dick rider shut the the fuck up1 BTUICH
also u cant ip ban, its so easy!!! 4.4

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I guess you’re a propkiller then?

good job detective