Server owner permmisions and groups and what not. [LOVE YOU]

I run Survivalist[AU] server without Rcon commands, [except ban when needed, after warning ofcourse!].

What i would like to see implemented from my perspective is different layers of permissions for admins.

Currently im the owner and only player with any access . Never login to rcon.

but in the future im worried that if i was to give the rcon password to someone they could do anything they wanted INCLUDING sharing the password lol. ;O.

I would like to have a way to Limit permissions in such cases.

Such as instead of giving rcon password to admins, i can create sub users, much like the server control panel that i use.

and with these sub-users i can set certain permissions such as “ban only, teleport etc.” i Would also like to see Spawning removed completely for everyone including myself. it just leads to a shit tonne of accusations.

i would ALMOST suggest removing teleport to, but it can be usefull for investigating serious hacking or exploiters if need be.

Mostly need these permissions so i can get at least 1 trusted US player to cover my timezone gap [sleeping] and help keep the server healthy!

People are donating to this server… gotta keep it safe.

Thank you for reading and considering this. If this has been asked before, please move along ^^.

Ignore bad grammarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol.

different levels of admins would be good, much like other mmo’s where you can have a counselor level then gm and admin etc

You can already do this depending on which server provider you went through. I know on the server one of my friends own you can set individuals to be able to Kick, Ban, Reset, RCon, and more. Deciding exactly which abilities they have access to and can or cannot do.

You can basically allow others to Kick/Ban on his server but they have to do it through the Web Console instead of RCon if RCon isn’t enabled from that person.

I would like to see a way to log out of the rcon other than re-logging…

Also I don’t mind them removing the ability to spawn items but would like to still be able to spawn the admin gear for investigation purposes.

The sub levels for rcon access I think would be great.

The web console sadly doesn’t work for much other than viewing purposes on some of the other host sites. When I asked the one why it doesn’t work they claim Garry hasn’t given them the tools… Lol not sure how true that is but.