Server owners and their attacks.

Well I’m not one to rant or make “dumb” threads like this but I had to get it off my chest…
A few weeks ago me and a friend were going to partner up with a Community called “DarthGaming”, Bad name, right? haha. Well we showed them our Custom gamemodes and what not and they “fell invlove” with it. A days or two latter we canceled the partnership… Now keep in mind nothing was ever really finalized or written in stone. So after the “pull out” of the unfinished deal, they have been making threats about “booting” me offline and all that crap. They even said they would sue me if I didn’t give them OUR gamemodes. (They claimed they owned the gamemodes) They also said they were a registered company. Which is close to impossible due to the fact that most of their images are copyrighted(Not by them…). Heres the terrible site:

Now the worst part is that they have booted me offline 3 times so far. Thankfully it only takes about 10sec for everything to be okay again… sadly this is going to get old and I need some advice on what I should do.
Some warning from a old ass friend I don’t even like(He unfriended me, hes also a Admin Manager for them):

Here are the Profile’s of the assholes:

Ive been booted off 3 times, Twice during the making of this thread. Any advice guys? It’s getting really annoying.
4 times…
This has gotten out of control…

Reset your IP and ignore them completely. Nothing else.

Appear offline on Steam for a bit. You don’t wanna give them the pleasure of seeing you come offline and online again.

If they don’t see that you’re coming online they might just stop because they think you may have gotten off your computer.

tip for the future, dont have people added on your steam that might ever do this
all it takes is a steam call, you dont even have to pick it up, and they can get your IP and try to fuck your shit up

you cant really do anything at this point apart from give them what they want and stay offline for a bit, go outside for a while or something.
if you have irl contact to them, or any information about them then you can take some action against them, but otherwise not much you can do

they patched that, you do have to pick up now
just reset your IP and stay away from their servers and forums and they wont be able to grab your new ip (unless they have an inside man on your friends list that will call you and give you the ip)

when did they do that? I got hit earlier this year through that, they patched it for a while after the Dota2 tourneys were getting fucked up with it, but then it mysteriously went back to how it was

Best way to deal with this:
Private your account
Claim you changed your ip
Delete any ties to them
They will get bored not knowing if they are hitting you or not
Now report to your uncle who works for vac and lives right next to Garry’s office.

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Considering they don’t have half a brain to use MyBB and bought enjin instead they won’t even think about pinging you

it was pretty recent, 1 or 2 months ago iirc

Thank you for all the Helpful, and or funny replies. Thankfully it appears they have stopped. But I’ll probably still be changing my IP just to be safe.

Legal action will taken if you continuously slander our legal company. Natsu is a Disgruntled Ex-Staff member and was spreading false information spreading lies due to loss of rank. Take the thread down. Aswell as I was never involved in any of this so I see no reason for my name to be up there.

(User was banned for this post ("learn to have an argument without threatening to sue" - postal))

Natsu is taking out his frustration because of his demotion. Him and Waffle are both friends, all of that is bullshit.

This doesn’t seem legitimate. Natsu is demoted a staff member, he may have gotten angry and told you that information but the information that you stated here is not true. I really don’t like how you posted this without confronting us first to clarify because what it really seems like here is Natsu trying to stir the pot and confuse us both.

Please contact me when you can, Waffle. We were trying to handle this situation as professional as possible, just please do not believe people in the future without confronting us because I can assure you that we did not threaten, attack, or say anything against you in any way.

Thank you,

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But if you are actually getting attacked then do follow what the others stated above to protect yourself. By all means we want you to be safe, I would really like to speak to you when you have time because I had no way to contact you throughout this whole situation in order to give you clarification on what happened to Natsu.

I am one of the owners of darth gaming and I will clear this up. First, keep in mind Waffles and Natsu are friends for 3 + years. Waffles made a verbal agreement with us to become a part of our community, he pulled out with no warning ( Such a great trust worthy person ) and cut ties. We have made several attempts to reach out to Waffle and he didnt have a spine to say anything to us. We were in the process of taking LEGAL action to deal with the issue (dosing is illegal). Now, Natsu was on their side about this to where he was demoted for choosing their community over ours. He got mad and decided to post to Felix what he did so he could stir him up and cause this so called “war” we are having. Keep in mind Waffle, what you are saying in this post can cause damages to our business. Slander is a crime and you can be prosecuted for doing so. With that being said, next time actually speak to us prior to making posts like this. It actually pays to be professional for once. Any questions pertaining to this, please message me on here or come on our forum at We will answer any and all questions. Oh and waffle, our legal team will be contacted about this.

here we go

its like a babby version of lemon punch with legal threats that dont mean shit

This seems fishier than a fucking marine biology course.

Coming from someone who does not know the law.

Luachobo you gotta stand down or they’ll send a lawyer to your house to give you a slap!! :frowning:

Lol that is actually kind of funny

You all had to make an account on here just to act not guilty? Watson, i have proof of you making threats to me via steam chat…

Please send this “proof” if you would like. I don’t recall threatening you, I recall asking for you to come online so that we can speak to you.