Server owners! Be our easter eggs :)


KingofBeast and I have been working on a gamemode for the past few months. It’s a post-apocalyptic hardcore survival game with loot, which means lots and lots of items. During development, for shits and giggles, we started easter eggs in the descriptions of some of the findable loot with references to our other respective communities/servers. For example;

We thought it would be fun to add such references to more Garry’s Mod communities/servers.

If you’re the owner of a server (one that’s been around for at least 1 year) and you’d like us to add a reference to your community/servers, please post here!

What model would you like to use? What would the item be? What do you want the string in the description to be? Please explain the reference too!

Only decorative/junk/scrap material items will be made. For example, a mug. We won’t be doing it with high frequency and/or unique items, for example wood you get from trees or one of the rare weapons you can find in the game.

We don’t want anything in exchange, just thought it would be a fun thing to do.

Model: models/props_junk/cardboard_box001a.mdl

Name: Secure Protective Container

Description: “Who’s idea was it to cram all those monsters into one box anyway?”

Could you explain that reference, Blasphemy? What community is it about?

Also, if possible, please keep the description as actual description. Something like ; Someone scribbled “Whose idea is it to cram all these monsters in this?!” on the box.

I had a cheeseburger in my gamemode that refilled your hunger and made you shout YEAH! when you ate it. It was originally a test item but i added it to the boss loot tables to give them a chance of dropping total garbage sometimes.
Needless to say there was much head scratching and confusion over it :asdfghjkl;’:

It’s a reference to the TimeOfEve SCP-RP that I code and co-own. But yeah, your description would be great, and it’d be awesome if the item was added.

Have you been around for over a year?

I bet this would make a great hat for a disguise.


Does it count if my server was up a year ago but not for 8 months in between :v:

I would say that as long as the server/community has some sort of reputation at all, you’re fine.

Not sure if my community has enough reputation or not but I thought maybe something like;

The warning label reads “may contain space herpes” on any model

I never was that creative…

I can come up with a few things if we are able to nominate servers/popular folk