Server owners Default Ports are unusable, change your port.

If you wish to attempt to re-establish your server connect-ability change the server port. The default port right now is being slammed with this nonsense by some angry children. I have managed to get our server up online and connectable a few times before being D Dossed to hell and back. Everytime I would get the server back up working another DDoS would hit me. Right at the moment if you want to run a server just change the port. If we get enough server owners changing ports we may be able to bore them to death. GL.

thx for info

Yeah and then what ? I changed my gameport and it was not on the default port, 10 minutes later “Server Full” bug again.


Like some kid is spamming on it’s crash rust button

If we get enough servers doing it maybe they will get bored. I don’t know what else to say. If we had a whitelist plugin we might be able to stop it. Ive also noticed false players inside my server. I see players dying on console when no one is in the server.

This won’t change anything. The only solution is probably hosting a lan server with Hamachi/other client and giving IP to people.

Atleast I provided somewhat a solution as I see more and more servers up and running. Going down after a bit but atleast trying. If we don’t as a collective share information and not badger about it not working 100% then I don’t know what to tell you. Provide info not criticize.

What I provided is a simple bandaid fix to the core of the issue. Blocking port access would be a start. It seems under my firewall exceptions under windows 2012 r2 that rust dedicated has a ton of them.

Whitelist plugin is available for both Oxide and Pluton, but that wont stop “Ddosing”.

Whitelist + remove server from steam master list. Community servers not listed on the master list would survive longer.