Server Owners - FPP versus SPP

I was visiting servers at random today, and a good chunk of the sandbox servers were using Falco’s Prop Protection. I’m curious as to why the hell anyone would use it over Simple Prop Protection.

Just from a first glance, you can see that FPP is more complicated for no apparent reason. The additional modules it has for antispam or other features add bloat while removing functionality. I’ve heard the tool restriction setup it has is excellent for gamemodes like DarkRP, but for simple sandbox servers, it really is too much.

For some reason, FPP consistently breaks the R input for the advanced pod controller. As to why, I can’t imagine.

The prop blacklist you can create with FPP is usually a mess, where it blacklists whole groups of props unless you’re willing to go through and manually name them, prop by prop.

FPP’s antispam trigger fires when you’re pasting objects, forcing you to directly interact with parts of your contraption that might be embedded inside of other props. It’s implementation is hokey at best, and stops people from building normally more than it stops people from crashing your server.

I mean, that being said, SPP doesn’t have all these features. If you want antispam, toolgun restrictions, or prop blacklists, you have to code your own module, or find a module online that do the trick. That being said, on a sandbox server, you shouldn’t have to use any of those if you have an active administration staff.

Any of you guys that run FPP feel like illuminating why you use it?

FPP allows you to let admins move world props, while blacklisting some map needed stuff like the train tracks on gm_wireconstruct_rc.
FPP allows you to setup VIP tool groups, but other addons do do this.
FPP antispam = crap - remove it :wink:

SPP is to simple, FPP is complex. FPP is supposed to be able to fit any scenario by tweaking every option to the exact specifics you require. It’s all the in the name, use SPP if you want plug 'n play style protection, use FPP if your not lazy and don’t mind setting up a more defined system.

Yes, but of these additional settings that you’ve given, FPP only really has blacklisting map entities, which a simple script can do. I believe that the additional functionality that FPP tries to give the administration comes at a high cost of being almost unusable.

SPP, at it’s core, will work with other gamemodes without prompting. I’m not so sure about FPP.

Also the breaking the R key thing in the advanced pod controller. That’s not a good thing.

FPP works off bat in any gamemode I’ve tried. I’m not sure how it’s unusable, click 1 button to turn Anti-Spam off and done. However the R key thing I’ve not experienced.

What you’re telling me is that FPP has all these features that most server owners will turn off, turning it into a more bloated version of SPP.

You know, funny you should say that.

SPP - It’s a simplistic system of Prop Protection. However, does not contain all the features some more complex PP systems use.

FPP - It’s a complex system for Prop Protection. However, unlike simplistic ones it needs some fine tuning to best fit your personal server.

Why oh why didn’t the magic addon gods call one of them Simple Prop Protection, then we wouldn’t need pointless threads. The clue is in the name, SPP is simple, FPP is not. If you want simplistic use SPP, if you want complex feature happy use FPP. This is a baseless argument and your a moron.


I’m being a dick, so allowed me to give you a satisfactory answer.

Some servers use FPP for a sandbox server as they limit certain tools and items to special groups. FPP enables you to do this, while also providing a complex prop protection to let you set map entities and other such items to blacklists. While doing this it also allows you to set tool groups based on multiple variables. Admin, Superadmin, Default and it is VERY easy to make unique flags for group tools. We have it set groups based on a mysql table, I think the whole code is only about 10 additional lines into FPP. While it’s true a simple script could do each of these, after doing everything you want your adding a multitude of simple scripts when there is already a maintained system to do this for you, which requires no LUA knowledge.

People who WANT the added functionality use FPP, people who are used to FPP use FPP. There is no right or wrong addon to use. They use whatever they are most comfortable with. Also FPP adds more sandbox protection for wire objects, like grabber etc. (not 100% sure if SPP protects for stuff like that though.)

Yeah, but we’re looking at the case where other admin mods such as ULX, Exsto, and ASSMOD all have methods to limit tool use via groups, instead of the ass backwards system that FPP uses.

I’m saying there’s no point in using FPP when it breaks things if SPP and a generic admin mod of your choice will provide the exact same functionality without the eyesore that is FPP’s gui and horrible fucked up buddy system.

Here’s another one - any object that isn’t a prop_physics that is created with a nocollide all flag upon spawn (such as from an advanced duplication) will revert to it’s non nocollide-all’d state when FPP is in use on a server.

Why do they have hooks in those functions? What the hell could they be possibly doing that would require more than just “if not user, ignore”?

Weird, my dupes stay no collided :slight_smile:

And ULX tool restriction is limited due to the group methods it uses. Clashes with a few other addons. Bottom line is SPP is simple, FPP is complex.

I run FPP on a few of servers with no issues.

See I only mention this because I “run” in the loose sense of the word the GGG servers with SPP, and SPP works fine. I’m wondering why other servers use a product that’s worse.

I like this, it’s like a two-man conversation in the middle of a crowded bar.

I must be amazingly bored to reply to this pointless topic still…

FPP is not worse than SPP. It is different, they both have different features. If you only need SPP, then only use SPP.

The way FPP stores props / owners is far better than SPP, which if I recall uses NWVars everywhere.

Excuse me sir, it’s rather rude to barge into a conversation 2 guys are having in a pub! (Pub > Bar).

I don’t understand why you’re still saying “They’re for different fundamental things” when they’re both there for the single purpose of Prop Protection. I don’t install prop protection to institute prop blacklists or run antispam or maintain map props, I install it to make sure that people can’t interfere with other people’s contraptions.

That doesn’t stop there being alternatives that offer a more complete and functional set of tools. A prop blacklist is useful, always. Anti-spam, useful, map prop protection, very useful when idiots love ripping maps apart. Just because you might not have a use for it does not mean it is pointless.

Plus it looks nicer and seems to have nicer menus than SPP.

You’d be right if prop blacklists, antispam, and toolgun restrictions were a necessary part of the online building experience. In my experience those additional features cause more headaches than they solve.

Can’t argue with the whole tearing the map apart thing, but that’s a fundamental difference with FPP versus SPP. SPP gives ownership of an object to whoever claims it first, while FPP decides to bar anyone that isn’t an admin from touching it.

This isn’t an issue, until someone pastes an old duplication or something similar, leaving indestructable crap lying around the map.

I prefer the first-come-first-served system SPP has.

SPP is small, somehow lacks of some features that many would like to see (like giving friends the ability to “use” your contraption buttons and so on) and I think that SPP is no longer maintained
FPP is still somewhat maintaned and it offers a lot more features than SPP.

My main gripe with first come, first server ownership like SPP is that when idiots start owning map entities, like doors (func_door, func_door_rotating, prop_door, etc), or map based buttons then start removing them or moving them around the map, it becomes a problem, it hinders the use of the map. Clients shouldn’t be allowed to do that, and should only be allowed to interact with the object, not move it. Which is where FPP wins.

And does it matter if they are neccesary tools to building? Different servers need a different set of tools. Having a prop blacklist can ease administration by stopping users from spawning props commonly used to piss everyone off, and not to build with, or props that cause crashes (remember our friend csfix.mdl? (or whatever the actual name was)). Toolgun restrictions aren’t neccesary, but some communities use them to block the more dangerous tools off from newcomers and idiots until they prove they can handle using them. And it is pretty fucking obvious how anti-spam is useful.

Basically, all your arguments are terrible, there is no reason not to use FPP over SPP unless you really, really don’t want the features of FPP, which can be disabled anyway.

Plus I’ve never seen a issue with duplications on FPP, every entity spawned in the dupe is assigned to the spawner, admins can still have full access to the entities and remove them as needed.

people are allowed to have their own own opinion jesus