Server owners - how does your pages look?

I got two rustservers now and i kind of started to work on a community /website along with the servers. I havent been doing it for a long time yet, but the fact is that the players on the server really seems to be loving what i do. I arrange alot of events on the server like Treasurehunts, Raidable treasurehouses. A lot of different arenas with different type of gear. This all has resulted in a group of 20-30 people always coming back to the server. Many of them has been there for 2 months now and the amount of visitors keeps growing. Since its only a 40 slot server i now got us another 100 slot server and installed all the plugins we didnt want on our mainserver.

So since this thread is for serverowners i got a few questions actually.

Do you arrange events? what kind of events?
Do your players seem to like you and respect you?
Do you have a website? may i see it to maybe get some more ideas to my own gamingsite?

My website is - i know there is a lot of improvements to do, but right now its working pretty well for the purpose it has.
Im thinking about adding a facebook page to it and some other basicstuff wich are very easy to add to a wordpress site.
Im also openminded to hear your thoughts about the site, what could be better? what does it miss?

I know one thing, and its that the language is bad, and a lot of misspellings, but hey i speak finnish, swedish fluid, so the english is a bit limited but understandable : )
By the way! when i arrange the events im always there with the camera in hand :

In my experience, forums for particular servers are a complete waste of time unless you happen to be of some great distinguishment, such as the Vinesauce server being of the large Vinesauce twitch streaming group.

Making a website for a server for a Facepunch Studios game is especially futile, because the users you want on your website will be over here instead.

Consider, what does a website actually do for you as the server operator? It doesn’t make your server popular, that’s for sure. It also doesn’t build server loyalty (because you will never have a large community to talk to each other and make server-friends with, on your forum).

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It is very tempting to look professional and have all the great stuff that a large community does, but it is a delusion that will consume your time and make you feel unaccomplished for no real reason. My advice is to scrap it and just put your time into making your server a fun place to be.

well… yeah… but im actually gettin alot of positive feedback about events arranged that are posted screenshots from on the website =) so i guess scandinavians are different ? =)

Ignore that. I run a 200 slot server that’s full over the weekends and has around 120-150 midweek. We run a website, forum and blog too. Is it a waste of time? Absolutely not, our forums aren’t over used but they are used nonetheless to discuss issues on the server, ideas, plans, complaints. We are very popular and it’s down to the admin team I’ve selected. We get mostly positive feedback but there are always idiots.

nice cheeze! sounds good! i just got started but seems like the whole community/server thing is growing rapidly in the right direction, and it really feels like its alot of help to have a website connected to the server.
may i see your site cheeze?