Server Owners: those generated image things, what would you like?

Hey server owners, I’m currently working on a little site (just for fun really) -

I’m planning on making those lovely banners that you see everywhere, with player count and so on. The current ones I’ve seen are all pretty similar and rather standardized.

So I’m asking you, what features/options would you like to see? Some ideas/plans:

  • customize all colours
  • custom background images

Top-3 most played maps

Nice idea…I think one option should be a very simple 600x50 (or something very wide and thin) that people can ‘attatch’ to the bottom of an ad. Or better, make a customiseable size :slight_smile:

Ingame point collection to spend on the Site :slight_smile:

Server website.

I’m considering making it so you can have any size, and position elements wherever you like. It’d have some pre-sets of course, standard ad sizes. But you can also make your own entirely too.

Bulk data export & feed.

FPS if possible
Ping time

need to know if its a laggy laptop server or not lol

Annoyingly I can’t get those kind of things (I can get ping, but it’s from one location, which is too biased against US servers since the server is in Germany). As for FPS, it isn’t possible without a sourcemod, although I’m considering finding someone to make one for more advanced stats on certain servers.

You could, if the person loading the image is from USA, get the average ping from an US server, and if from europe then from a german server.

Would be inaccurate, but hey better than nothing right?

It would be inaccurate and misleading

Wondering if you could make it so players and maps could be put in order of ascending and descending.

Thats not what I mean…I mean a custom size

You could look at the average ping of all the users, that would be relatively accurate.

You wouldn’t be able to get the player’s ping