Server Owners

Hey Server Owners. This thread is for you.

Please keep any requests or problems in this thread, and we’ll try to work with you to make hosting a server a bit easier.

I’m not sure if it is intentional but anyone can edit the document at the moment.

It was not intentional, thanks :x

When is there new patch?

Hi Garry,

We run this server:

Would you ever allow a remote rcon access? This is for us to do an automated msg of the day and turn pvp/pve on at the time of the purge.

Copied some of the points we’d like to include in the future. Now i know some of these might be a bit far off but you never know.

  • We are trying to create a warning Siren, that gives a warning to all players that the Purge is about to commence (i.e the Siren from Silent Hill)

  • We are trying to create an automatic Message that warns players that the purge is about to commence

  • We are trying to create a message of the day that lets players know our forums and teamspeak details.

  • To disable C4 damage to buildings in PVE (this will stop griefing during peace time)

  • Enable a game tracker to post on community website - e.g has battlefield maps with current players etc

On a separate note may i ask how far will private servers go? e.g mods or tweaking the files to make events?

Many thanks

sometime eventually in the future

Hey Gary,

I and the guys I play with think the game would greatly benefit from no Explosives in airdrops, making it much more a point of contention since learning Explosives would never be an option, and the air drops would be the primary source of Explosive Charges.

airdrop.explosives true/false


Is it possible to host an own server on an own dedicated server now?
Because i got a really good dedicated (i7-4770k, 32GB, SSD, located in Germany) that’s doing nearly nothing right now and want to host a big server for my german and european friends :slight_smile:
I’m the project leader of a growing german gaming and streaming community ( and want to offer a good hardcore server for rust.

Kind regards


How about an option to see who’s online? like a playerlist, and potentionally give admins options in that list to teleport, kick, ban etc? to make life abit easier

Not sure if this is in the game allready but maybe allow us to determine the time of day & night cycles?

I do not recommend using the -ip switch. Same goes with binding multiply IPs to a server. It doesn’t work well.
Also, for all the server.cfg (server configuration) stuff for rust, take a look at

Auto messages would be awesome! so you can lead the Players to your Server Website / Board!

  • set the amount of airdrops! like:
    “airdrop.amount 2” = 2 Airdrops randomly.

What i’ve been doing is opening steam (shift + tab) and on the friends section is press view all players. This will show who is actually on the server.

not sure if it’s a big or not but on the server list it might say 50 people, but on steam client theres only half of that.

I would like to see features that would enable the admins to -
-Change crafting time on specific items.
-Change Material costs
-Change the re-spawn rate of resources.
-Modify the number of resources in a specific type resource node.
-Modify the length of day and night.
-Modify the amount of protection the different classes of armor.
-Modify the amount of damage different weapons do.
-Modify the starting items of players on a server
-Modify zombie spawn rate.
-Modify zombie drops
-Modify drop % of items in crate to make something more rare.

These are all just off the top of my head, but these dynamics can vastly change the game. They can add a huge variety to the many different servers which will help the game grow. I have purchased i think 20 keys for this game and given them out on my stream. I enjoy this game a great deal and want to see it grow.

I don’t know whether we want to allow server hosts to vastly change the game. This is something we really need to discuss internally before we allow it.

I think it would be a nice idea. There would be alot of different servers. Much like “Gamemodes”
The admins would premake a metal fort. every players would be there.
By editing the server they would make it so no guns spawn and every other resource spawns 70% less.
Increasing the zombie spawn rate by (example ) 400%.

It would be a huge Player vs Zombie server, with PvP.

But ofcourse. Not everyone will use the server files to make the server better.
Most will likely use it for personal gain and to completely ruin the game for others.

Yeah we don’t know whether we want the game to be like that. We want people to play our game - not a sub-game that a server owner has created.

I would like to have a way to limit the rcon for different admins. For example have login that would only allow the other admins to kick/ban and not be able to change the other attributes or craft items.

This may help prevent admin abuse if the actual server owner is offline.

apart from that small chance someone comes across a winning forumla in gameplay which everyone likes, it would probably be fruitless and too messy

What’s the difference between that and admin superfortresses? That’s not the way the game was meant to be played.

What I suggest is some type of central inventory system that is connected to a main server. It keeps your blueprints and maybe your inventory across servers. You could then restrict the use of admin give commands and at least dial down item give spam.

I also think(sometime in the future) there should be a different way of administering your server. For example instead of teleporting to a player to see if they are cheating, it would do something like spawn in a camera so you can monitor different parts of the map. This way there would be no teleport/noclip flying to gather items.

This is the only way I can think of to keep the game as pure as possible. Because as of right now the game isn’t playing the way it’s supposed to be played. There’s no sense of accomplishment or challenge when everything can just be given to you. IMO it ruins the whole ecosystem of the game.

Ah. Seems fair enough.
Then you shouldn’t give such server customization to the server owners.
Even if by giving that much customization would have bring some good thigs, it would bring more harm and abusive server admins.

And if that is the case. I would rather not have that much game customization for the server owners.