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Any other server owners dealing with a lot of crybaby players? Just lost a large portion of my community because an organized raid group crushed like 3-4 groups in a few hour span with some skilled raiding

Now all I hear is admin abuse / aimbot (meanwhile my server only has one admin besides myself)

Just sad that this game has so many people like this

I have the same issue, change your name never talk in game on use the say “message” commands in console. If anyone bitches about dieing, admin abuse, getting raided, killed. Ban them. That is what i do it gets read of the whining babies that i don’t have time to deal with. If someone thinks i am abusing my powers i just say i am not and that is all the proof i can give them. Deal with it or move on.

I do have a massive metal base but that is because i have been -playing on my server since the beginning. I dont use my powers for abuse purposes and i dont care if people whine when i shoot them in the face.

I wasn’t even online when they all got raided, I’ve been doing an outstanding job at moderating/keeping the server up to date, and banning cheaters as soon as I found out about them

But yeah I guess I should just ban people who fearmong

Yeah basically any time anyone gets shot, raided, outsmarted, etc, it’s “waaaah hacker” or “waaaaah admin abuse”.

I have this issue as well. I play as a legit player on my server and only use my powers when dealing with player issues or investigating potential hackers. But when I kill someone normally it’s always, “Wahh! Admin just killed me. Why is an admin killing people? Wahh!” It’s annoying, especially when you have to explain yourself over and over…

It’s really a shame, literally anything you do as a server admin is considered admin abuse. I actively raid on my own server (If they deserve it) and most people already understand (at least i hope they do) i play just like them. Most players expect server admins to sit there and do nothing but help players, no playing or any of that. So, as a server admin/owner, you pay $–/mo to run a server, but you’re not allowed to play. kden. Fuck em, just ban those that scream admin abuse and move on. That’s what i do :stuck_out_tongue:

Well you can’t just say you are all perfect… me and my buds are struggling to find servers that have mature admins. Most of the time spent on rust is finding servers. That is because of admins not doing the correct job of moderating. I have a group that kills a lot. Most of the time we stumble upon the admins and obliterate their team. Once that is over with we usually get banned a short while after or we get raided by being followed by an admin with invisible armor to then get our shit blown to smithereens. I swear they think they are totally invisible and think i’m a moron. And also, if you guys think that banning people who says you are abusing, you should consider letting them talk before acting.

Clearly this is a thread for normal server owners who don’t do any abuse - I’m a competitive fps player and literally destroy anyone I come across in rust (despite how awful the shooting/pvp is) and if I raid anyone they threaten to quit the server, claim I’m abusing, or even say cheating? like please get off the server if you’re a child.

This is annoying as fk, since half of the players in my server (20), 10 of them are part of clan called -=FMJ=- and a few days ago i went with my friend to a little legit firefight with them, i managed to get like 3 skilled (lucky) headshots with bolt action quite far away from their house and next thing is “OMG AIMBOT ADMIN ABUSE U HAD GOD MODE WE HIT YOU IN HEAD 3 TIMES A ROW” we couldn’t even take their stuff because it was 2 vs 6 and we were running low on ammo after some time, dont know if they are still playing but still, annoying as fk.

as i stated it in a different thread i onely can say:

there will always be an admin who abuses is power and a real hacker, but there will always be some guy who get a 360 quickscope and crys abuse hacker admin. like in every other game. i personally had just good expiriences with booth player and admins. (or maybe im to silly to get it) the “Perfect” admin is also just a fictive thing. everyone makes mistakes and everyone has bad days. instead of building a Player vs Admin fight we should drink a cup of coffe and chill :slight_smile:

=FJM= alles klar

In my server, we do it like this.

I’m the owner, I have 1 admin. I’m in-game around 11 hours a day while working full time, he does not work he’s in-game around 16-18.

We provide ourselves with the name as |ADMIN| player.

We do not raid, do not shoot. We walk around with god mode on constantly. We do not shoot at any player regardless of anything.

People will come and go to your server, we always have around 60+ online these days as we have a good reputation. There will always be that crybaby, that’s what the Oxide /mute feature is for :wink:

Happy rusting
~ Brae ~ aunz-rust.com

I see similar issues in mine as well :confused:

People get raided and leave and also when I join in on the raids people pretty much always call admin abuse. You’ll just have to roll with it and ignore it.