Server Package from CreeperHost, What to get?

Okay so I would like to run a Garry’s Mod server with CreeperHost. I realize that their is going to be very little information on them since CreeperHost is primarily used for Minecraft servers but Garry’s Mod is less resource intensive compared to Garry’s Mod so why not try it.

I would like to have a 32 Player limit on either DarkRP, Tiramisu or a different roleplay gamemode. I would like to have a prop limit around 75 or 100 per Player and I plan on putting a multitude of addons on it.

Like most people I’m asking for everything but now let’s be a little more realistic. This is the minimum. A 24 Player Prop limit, Prop limit of 60 and still quite a few addons but I can always get rid of less optimized addons.

Now the specs. After some conversation with CreeperHost’s support in the location that I want it, I would either be running with a E3-1275v3 or a E3-1240v3 either way around 3.4Ghz per CPU. Now the number of CPU’s depends on the package, those packages and everything else can be seen on CreeperHost’s site;

I want to know the lowest price package while still getting the minimum and what would be preferred to meet my wants.

Oh course I would rather have people that still or have used CreeperHost in the past or people that know what hardware I should be looking for.

i would choose none of them, unless you are literally forced to only use them (and i don’t see why you would)

edit: because i assume you want more info

if you just want one server and you really need the lowest price, just go with a GSP or something, it’s gonna be much more simple, if you still want the customization and DIY-ness of a VPS, go with someone like Digital Ocean, if you just want a single server you might be able to get away with 512mb of ram but the 1gb DO vps should run a single server with plenty of room left over for a small second or anything else you might want, maybe the guys you linked are great but i just can’t see a reason to use them over multiple over, better known hosts (im honestly not sure if there’s better value for money VPSes than DO)

if you really still want to use them, their lowest deal is 100% fine for 1-2 small gmod servers or 1 medium-large (but again, i don’t know the quality of them, if they’re overselling and generally ran badly your servers are gonna run like ass too, even if the basic hardware is up to spec)


the storage space on their packages really sucks, 8gb wouldn’t even be enough for gmod + ep2, bearing in mind one of my fairly clean gmod sandbox servers is 3.7gb it’s self, here is the size of css & ep2:

this is another point where DO is a lot better (20gb of SSD storage on their lowest size)

Lol, thanks for the info I thought I was right on the money with this one, I still want to get other peoples opinions though

If you know what you are doing with servers get a nice VPS from Digital Ocean

If you are nooby/new go with NFOServers. They are more expensive than a lot of hosts ($1 per slot instead of roughly $0.80 a slot) but in emy opinion better, easier, and great support.

If you do choose to go with Digital Ocean pm me and I’ll send you my referral code :wink: <3333