Server Passwords

This is what happens when you dont have server passwords.

(sorry bout graphics)

Im gonna say this again, it’s a great idea! Plus the message is true :smiley:
Posing on the citizen is quite good too!

Yeah, turn up the graphics, don’t use npcs, and working on posing…


I like the idea and the posing on the citizen , but you should up your graphics and you should have used some more junk and rope around him , since the left side is empty.

Thanks for the constructive criticism I could definitely use some pointers so thanks!


Thanks for the advice!

The idea has been done before tough. This is all I can say other then point out the NPC use.

Yea sorry bout that.

I must point out that the kleiners are meant to be minges and not just NPC’s.


Needs more dynamite at the citizen.

yea lol xD

Place more spam in the background, that is not enough

I will if I make another one of these.

Thanks for the comment.

Why sign your post when your name is RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR POST? caps.


I know, thats as dumb as ending you post with ‘XD’. Its so annoying. XD

I like the idea, the presentation could be better though.

If you watch war of the server, you can pose same thing in the movie.

Thanks for all your comments.


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I totally agree. XD


Wow im getting totally slaughtered in my own thread. xD

-Ryzo >:)