Server Performance???

Hello all!

Me and my partner were thinking about setting up a rust server. I thought id post here and scrounge around for some information regarding servers and how the appear to perform.
I had a few other questions as well so ill simply list some of them below!

Server Specs
CPU: Dual L5420 2.5ghz 8 Cores 8 Threads
16gb Mem

  1. Id like my target max player at 50. If the server is full what is my CPU and Mem looking like?
  2. At what point do mods start to effect server performance?
  3. How about server utilities such as admin ect? (May be an odd question but… we host a starbound server… if i dont have to iptable ban, im not going to!)
  4. Any hidden things that may make life easier or may give me a headache?


It appears to me that in order to host a server… you need some sort of fabled server beta key? Is their any truth to this? If so, how does a successful community owner hosting several professional servers obtain such a key?

Bump… Any response would be greatly appreciated.


You can’t host servers on your computer only through a server host which you can buy from.
The cheapest I see is FPS gamer which you can get a 50 slot server for 17 Dollars

Thank you for replying, however i already have a host and do not need a new one.

Edit: So what you are saying is that i can not install server software to run and operate a rust server? That i have to pay some crappy host who owns 1000 rust servers and do it that way? Those same hosts that appear to be getting DDoSed on a daily basis? I pay for hardware and id like to host a server from that hardware. I cant fathom not being able to do that.

Bump… either no one has an answer to my basic questions… or this community has decided that is was not necessary as server owners to partack in open ended discussion about a very promising alpha game. Im becoming discouraged due to the lack of involvement in this community.

There is a thread for this. It’s titled Server owners, by garry. It wasn’t actually originally for that, but that’s what it’s become. You also bemoan a lack of a place for server owners to discuss things in an open-ended way. That’s what that exact same thread was originally for, and still sort of is, just a different discussion.

Get in line, there’re about a thousand people who have made that request ahead of you. You haven’t even bothered to search, so why should you get special treatment at all?

Also, I’m going to politely suggest you refrain from contentless bumps, those are usually punished by the mods. I’m not one, I’m not saying it’s going to happen to you, but I’ve seen it a lot.