Server Ping

Hello, i got a big problem with the Ping of my server when there are over 40 Players online, the Pings starts to get up to 100-150 and the users are starting to getting lags.

The Internet Speed of my host is good so it should not be that reason.
Thats why im asking here.

My Server uses a alot of costum content from the Workshop.

Server.cfg (hostname,rcon_pw and sv_pw removed)

Server Addon Collection :


First off you should not really put your rcon in there anyway…

Anyways yeah your using a lot of heavy models but I don’t think that would make a difference when there is only 40 people on but hey idk talk to your hosting company or provider and ask them about the problem

My host got an ping of 1ms 333.82 Mbps down and 343.42mbps up while running the server with 40 players thats why i think it could only be an problem with one of the addons or an configuration problem

Did you actually set the tickrate in the commandline? it should be 33 or less on rp servers.

its -tickrate 33 on my commandline


I tought about it could be some Firewall issues aswell… what specefic ports do i need to open, may i missed one…

Edit 2:

May this helps :

cmdrate & updaterate have to me equal to the tickrate afaik

cant help about the graph since I am too dumb to understand it… xD :v:


So… cmdrate and updaterate needs to be equal to the tickrate? or what do you mean with that xD

alright sv is the server fps, ik that now… so the server fps goes down to 2.0 when i have over 30 users

i tried theese settings :
sv_maxcmdrate 33
sv_stats 0
fps_max 550
sv_minrate 20000
sv_maxrate 0

but its still the same

The issue is that your server is running at 2fps, the rates aren’t related at all. You’ve probably got an addon installed that is causing issues as more players join.

Mhm, yeah but its hard to get the addon wich is causing this problems :confused:

Isn’t your server processor just too week to support that amount of players ?
I used to host my servers on cheap VPSes and one of these could do similar things (SV: 2.0, ping arround 100-150ms, when there was arround 40 players) and looking in the linux terminal with htop I could see UC usage of 100%.
Now that I switched to a far more pricy dedicated server, no lags, low ping and stable SV: 33.0 even at 60 players and UC usage is quite low (~50-60% Usage on one core with ~50 players)

The only way to make it lag now is by doing a very big props barricade because of the collisions. (My server is not RP)

I’d be interested about why we should not set rcon password in server.cfg, because that’s what I do on my servers… And where to set it then ?

There used to be an exploit where someone could grab your server.cfg file and see it. From what I know that was patched but I wouldn’t know.
Instead use +rcon_password “password” on your server startup commandline.

Update: We turned off every possible AddOn on the server, but still the same: Around 25+ Players, the server fps goes down very quick.

Meanwhile we observed the server performance it was 20 % for CPU Usage and 40 % RAM (may differ).

So run out of ideas.

What Hoster are you using?

Our server CPU
CPU Speed 3.4 GHZ
CPU Cores 4 Cores

validate server files? Could be somehow someone rooted an addon or so?