Server Playermodels Not working

Run down:
I have 4 playermodels (one is kleiner)
Ahri comes up as invisible but shows up on pointshop
Kleiner is the gmod army guy with a vest (Not sure why)
Dallas and Witch show up as giant errors.
I’m almost certain I coded them right but they’re still not working.

Witch pointshop and lua:

Dallas Pointshop and lua:

Ahri pointshop and lua:

Kleiner pointshop: (didn’t come with a lua but he was working before I aded the others)

I have all of their files in my C:\GMOD\garrysmod\addons server file
Except kleiner because again, no lua
Any help please?

Dash out (–) the line where you have put the word ‘Pointshop’ and make sure the filenames don’t have capital letters. Ahri seems to be using hand models from what I can tell (models/player_ahri_arms.mdl) and not the actual playermodel. You’re also going to want to check if the clients are actually downloading the models/materials from anywhere.

What do you mean where i put pointshop? Those are 2 seperate lua files and i put pointshop to show which lua code is for the pointshop, none of the lua codes have “pointshop” in them.
I asked another guy and he said I should put the ahri model on the top line and the next one down i should put the arms, this is wrong? How can i see if I’m downloading the models?

How to set up SRCDS:

Setting up FastDL :

And, a simple recursive / automated resource loader :

Simply place content in server/gamemodes/<gamemode_name>/content/*

Also has other features. Hopefully this helps!

I have scds already and no, it didn’t help because it has 0% with what I asked. :smiley:

He literally just told you how to do it. And don’t rate me dumb on the fact that you uploaded edited copies of the scripts instead of uploading unedited versions (which is what we would need to help. You need to allow the clients to download the file either using Resource.AddWorkshop or Resource.AddFile. Good luck. I can already tell you’re going to need it.

Does disagree float your goat? Also He didn’t tell me how to do it cause i’ve already done those steps, didn’t help. Wow would you look at that, it didn’t help -.- Back to square one. Also those are edited versions they’re the originals. Just copied on to pastebin so I could actually upload it easier than file by file. Come back when you got something that will help :smiley:

I won’t be coming back to help. Two people tried to help but you’re just not explaining your problem or understanding.