Hello server developers, I have questions,
tell us how you manage to keep the audience on the server?
I have made quite a lot of interesting systems, I have a nice design, although I have little experience in GLUA, but the players also say that what I do is interesting.
I already had a large online, 60+ players on the server, but they did not stay for a long time, we have a good administration, players always have motivation in the form of rewards.
But they don’t stay long, no matter what I do.
Can you tell us something about this, is there any secret to retaining players?

I’ll assume you’re running a DarkRP server.

Here are some stuff that could be the culprit; Content probably got too stale, probably too much content players already saw on other servers, maybe money is too easy to earn and there isn’t much to spend it, maybe the server has abusive staff members but nobody said anything about it, etc…

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It’s best not to assume it’s DarkRP, OP would already know why something like that would happen, why would you try your hand on such an oversaturated market and then wonder why people aren’t interested as much as they should?

I’ll assume you’re running a custom gamemode server.

Interaction with the playerbase is king, the reason why RP is so prevalent is because in its essence it’s interacting with human players, that’s the gameplay, and all humans are different and offer unique experiences.

If your gamemode is entirely PvE or singleplayer, minigames or adventures, the content you can fit in a gamemode is limited, so unless you can make a PvP gamemode, coop, a hub to play with friend, interact or trade with other humans, people will find an end to what there is to do and then leave.

How you implement this is up to you, and should reflect on the gamemode you’re making, another way to artificially inflate replayability is to add rewards or achievements.

Edit: also matters to express the creativity of individuals, a gamemode can be just PvP with the best combat system, but once you get bored you won’t really care about the build of your next opponent, you’re done with the gamemode; RP did this right by having tens of different jobs that offer different experiences.

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