Server population/stability.

So I’m sure most of you have noticed that experimental doesn’t have quite the population that Legacy had/has… One of the large reasons for that (imo) is that servers are not stable, and the other is servers are not full. I look at the official FP servers, they are down 50% of the time, and all of the “custom” servers are empty as sheet, I can’t find one that has over 4 people in it, (unless I find a server that has 150ping or more)
So while this steam store blueprint thing, and more items thing…and all that shit is keeping you guys busy, I’d implore you to create a smaller number of servers, and make them stable… only then will you see the population start to return to Rust.
I don’t mind wipes, every two weeks or whatever… thats not it, I just don’t see a point in playing where there are only ever 3 people online. And its hard to get back into the game if I never know when the servers are going to be up/down.

And before you fanboys pull the “its alpha” dildo from your ass. I’m not ragging on Garry, I’m just saying… at this point IN MY OPINION, server population/reliability should be No. 1 on their priority list.

there is no real reason to “play” rust right now.

no blueprints and you can craft everything in the game in a matter of an hour if that.

so priority is where it should be, on actually having something to do in the game.

I would disagree, right now there is plenty to do… like create a base, build weapons and then go and raid people/get in gun fights.

BUT if there is no one of to kill…then its pretty boring.

BUT everything is basically handed to you for testing purposes which is why you can craft ALL the crap that you can as a fresh spawn WHICH is why its pointless to play BECAUSE the BLUEPRINTS aren’t in the game yet which will BE the reason to PLAY WITH OTHERS.:downs:

Alls I’m saying is this:

You can fully add blueprints in, and another 15 items… But when I’m trying to get my friends to play, they deem it more important to actually be able to LOG INTO the server, then if there are blueprints to craft shit.

You could have 14million items, and it’d take 9 years to build everything…but if you can’t log in, or only log in for 15 minutes at a time…who gives a fuck?