Server Population.

Hello all.

I was wondering the best methods or ways to gain a larger playerbase, Currently with a community on gmod but we are currently low on players, We got around 11 players on a good day but they seem to only come on when the events happen then dissapear as soon as its time for passive RP, Have any of you got suggestions of websites that i can advertise the server/community that might attract more people or anthing along them lines?

Thank you.

I second this but for TTT. Sorry I can’t help Toxic.

Catchy server titles. Include CUSTOM.
Or you can host something completely unique.

Edit: Thanks for rating me dumb everyone, but putting CUSTOM in your server title works.


Free vip/vcmod/200k start. Or try to put something new in the mix that helps your server differ from the others

Inflated economies are what is wrong with DarkRP. You’ve listed the best cancer here.

Build an experience for them, server owners usualy worry about gaining more players and this usually attracts the crappier playerbase (quantity over quality). When people join the server make the experience unique, make it fun for them. you want to make the player want to keep on playing.

If you have 11 people coming on (especially the same 11 people) then you have the player base. What you are doing now is working in a way, what i recommend is doing these “events” more frequently, no new player will join an empty server.

Remember to have a donate button right from start. Oh and atleast 1/2 of the jobs must be ‘‘Donate atleast 50$ jobs’’.

It’s quite difficult to get players on a darkrp server in the first place as there’s already thousands of servers. Try to be as unique as possible from everyone else.

Follow these three steps to better grow your new community
A) do weekly updates to keep your players busy.
B) have a mix of custom and well-known content, don’t go over-kill with ScriptFodder
C) have a reliable host with DDoS protection. Downtime can really hurt a server

I don’t know what to do myself anymore. I made a unique DarkRP server with addons coded by myself, and having few downloads (No M9K or stuff like that) but still it had 5 players max (and it was only one day) in a month (it had an average of 2 players).

i guess its because your server is usually empty;try going AFK on your server/getting your friends on to fill it somehow, players usually snowball on the server

I know it’s cancer. It’s usually the best way to stay on top of the game, however. It seems that the standard DarkRP audience doesn’t give 2 shits about custom content sadly, but only about money and vip access.


Tell that to this guy (

Who made 1050 quality videos and averaged a couple hundred views

… Have a quality server (in terms of gameplay)?

That, and advertising. A connection of friends that are willing to join your server (and tell their friends) is very valuable.

Now, I’m not saying that this guy is shit (I didn’t bother to go through his videos, to be honest.), but it’s a different case with servers and videos. People don’t just join servers for quality, they join it for fun. Quality is something that should come after the fun.

My point was mainly on the patience thing.