Server Prob - Clients not downloading models

Good day to all.

I have hosted a server, a Garrysmod Dedicated Server using the SRCDS system. Everything on the server works almost perfectly. Right now, the server is running DarkRP 2.3.7, and the server is up to date.

All the default classes/jobs and what not, are working without a hitch. The problem arises when I add a custom job and custom player models. They have been added to the correct place, I believe:
garrysmod/lua/… (Correct me if I am wrong, that’s how most player models are packaged nowadays, I believe.) I have been following the tutorial on how to create a custom job class, listed here:
As well as the tutorial in the shared.lua

The job shows up on the menu, with the information and everything, except that the image is an error. Once you select the job, it changes to the job, and the person appears as an error.

It seems that the clients are not downloading the custom player models on the server, but they download everything else just fine.

If I add a custom job that uses the default player models, like the swat model, that shows up without any problems.

Is there a file or a command that might not be telling the server to send the player models to the client?


EDIT: The server is not using the fastdownload method.

EDIT2: Added resources.lua to “…lua/autorun/server/”. Clients are downloading the models/materials and sounds now. Still errors in the job menu and when you choose a new job.