Server Problem: Home IP shows up instead of Public IP

I have a problem setting up a basic GMod server. I followed all the steps in this here video, and I have successfully created a server. However, the server’s IP in-game shows up as [Home-IP]:27015 instead of [Public-IP]:27015. I’m really not exactly sure what could cause this, and to be absolutely sure it wasn’t the port forwarding, I opened 27005 and 27030 as well. However, this still doesn’t work and everyone outside my local network gets a “Server not responding” error.

Is there anything I could have missed? If any of you have any questions I will answer them as best I can.


By Home-IP you mean or your computer’s local IP?

It’s, what shows up under local IP in ipconfig.

Are you sure you’re not on your Local Network tab when in gmod?