Server Problem. Weapons / Hands away sometimes


I have a problem. Sometimes in my server if u choose gravitiycannon or crowbar or someother things from inventory that will be shown for short time like 1-2 sec then it going away. I have this in my hand still. Its like invisible When I press fire button then it comes back to my hand an does also the fire action. No problem with the functionally but just sometimes does not show in my hands. Would know why. I have just few addons like: ACF, weightool, unbreakable, MakeSpherical, motd_menu, PHXTools, Simple Prop Protection, SmartSnap, TOOL_stacker_adv, wiremod.

Another problem is: Suddently my loadingscreen is away… even when I didn’t change the url or the files. I hear still the background music…
This should be shown: Only music is there Oo