Server problem

Hello i have install a gmod server on my computer and i can’t find it in server list can join it and my friends can join i but no can se it in server list

You may have started a local server. Its been a while since i’ve ran a server from my own pc, but i think you need to type “sv_lan 0” in console, then restart.

yeah i set that in the server cfg and i don’t have it befor and now i can find it

Oh, Its you.

If you don’t understand that placing 100 TnT blocks everywhere and detonating everything is Griefing, I don’t think you’d understand server hosting / Port forwarding.

I recommend joining other peoples servers instead, or using “Hamachi”.

I just noticed I mis read your message. I think it takes a few hours for the servers to update for a new server to appear. I found that my new server took about 12 hours before it appeared on the server list.